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Mini Audio Recorder

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Secretly record conversations with the Mini Audio Recorder.  This covert voice recorder is the size of a paperclip, making it easy to hide.  The powerful microphone records conversations up to 50 feet away.


  • Size of a paperclip
  • Easy to conceal / hide
  • Records voices up to 50 feet away
  • Voice activation or continuous recording mode
  • 8-hour built-in battery
  • Extended battery pack included
  • Place under a car seat or in your shirt pocket
  • Mac + PC compatible

Types of Uses:

  • Record meetings with bosses + coworkers
  • Catch a cheating spouse
  • Gather evidence for divorce, child custody, & lawsuits
  • Capture evidence of verbal harassment
  • Catch a lying roommate

Smallest Audio Recorder Available

The Mini Audio Recorder is as small as a paperclip, making it easy to secretly record conversations. The tiny audio recorder captures conversations up to 50 feet away with its powerful microphone.

Records Thru Most Fabrics

The Mini Audio Recorder is the perfect device for all of your recording needs. Put this small audio recorder in your shirt pocket or purse. The covert recorder can hear perfectly through most fabrics. If you don't have anything to place the audio recorder in, easily use a piece of Velcro to place it underneath a chair or table. 

High-Quality Sound

The Mini Audio Recorder records high-quality audio using advanced technology used by military professionals. The tiny audio recorder is the perfect solution for recording conversations that you need to review later.

Set It & Forget It

Never worry about whether or not the recorder is turned on. The Mini Audio Recorder can be placed where you need it and will only record conversations when they happen. The audio recorder will start recording automatically when there is sound. When the sound stops, the Mini Audio Recorder goes into sleep mode. Make sure you are always prepared for recording using Voice Activation mode. Save yourself from reviewing hours of unwanted silence or losing a recording because you weren't ready for recording.

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DISCLAIMERIt is the user's responsibility to check and abide by their state's and country's laws regarding audio surveillance BEFORE purchasing this device. P.I. Spy Tools is not liable for any misuse of this device. Purchaser assumes all liability for this device.

  • Audio Quality: 128kbps
  • Audio Format: MP3
  • Recording Modes: Continuous, Voice Activation
  • Memory Size: Internal: 8GB
  • Recording Capacity: 144hrs per 1GB
  • Battery Life (Record): 8 hours 
  • Headphone Jack: Yes
  • Built-in Speaker: Yes
  • Microphone Input: No
  • Weight / Dimensions: 0.6oz / 2.5" x 2.3" 
  • Compatibility: MAC / Windows
  • Mini Audio Recorder (1)
  • USB Data / Charging Cable (1)
  • Extended Battery Pack (1)
  • Metal Clip (1)
  • Headphones (1)
  • Instruction Manual

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