USB Voice Recorder with Continuous Recording
Audio Surveillance

USB Voice Recorder with Continuous Recording

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This fully functioning 8GB USB flash drive contains a secret voice recorder on the inside. Easily capture audio recordings with the one-switch operation. Record your next meeting or lecture with the USB Voice Recorder with Continuous Recording.


  • Spy Voice Recorder
  • Covert Design
  • 16 Hour Battery Life
  • 8GB Included Internal Memory (90 Hour Capacity)
  • One-Switch Operations
  • Functional USB Flash Drive
  • Time / Date Stamp
  • Mac & Windows Compatible

      Types of Uses:

      • Record college lectures
      • Capture important business meetings
      • Catch an unfaithful spouse
      • Ensure the safety of your children
      • Capture evidence for legal purposes
      • Get evidence of workplace harassment
      • Record evidence of abuse

      Continuous Recording Mode

      The Covert USB Flash Drive with Continuous Recording is a fully functional USB flash drive that features a built-in digital voice recorder. Featuring continuous recording, you never have to worry about missing any audio. Simply flip the switch and the spy device begins recording.

      Covert Design

      With no flashing lights when recording, no one will ever suspect this USB flash drive is secretly recording audio.

      One Touch Recording

      Simply flip the switch to start recording and flip it again to stop the recording. To listen to your voice recordings, plug the Covert USB Flash Drive with Continuous Recording into your Mac or Windows computer and use your audio player to listen to the recordings directly from the device or transfer the files.

      High Quality Audio Recordings

      Other audio recorder devices record at an audio bit-rate of 32kpbs but the Covert USB Flash Drive with Continuous Recording records at an impressive 192kpbs for crisp, clear recordings. HD quality recordings make reviewing the audio recordings easy.

      16 Hour Battery Life

      Featuring a 16 hour battery life, you can record all day long so you never miss a beat. Simply charge the device and record for up to 16 hours.

      8GB Internal Memory

      With 8GB of internal memory, you can store up to 90 hours of audio recordings on this device (11.25 hours of audio recordings per 1 GB).

      DISCLAIMERIt is the user's responsibility to check and abide by their state's and country's laws regarding audio surveillance BEFORE purchasing this device. P.I. Spy Tools is not liable for any misuse of this device. Purchaser assumes all liability for this device.

      • Audio Quality: 192kbps
      • Audio Format: WAV
      • Recording Modes: Continuous
      • Time / Date Stamp: Yes (Windows only)
      • Memory Size: Internal, 8GB 
      • Recording Capacity: 11.25 Hours per 1GB
      • Battery Life (Record): 16 Hours
      • Compatibility: Mac / Windows
          • USB Voice Recorder with Continuous Recording
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