Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder
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Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder

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The Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder is a professional-grade voice recorder designed for both private investigators and first-time users. With easy-to-use features, just charge up the device and you're ready to go!


  • HD audio quality
  • Voice activated recording (or continuous recording option)
  • 25-day standby battery life
  • Records audio while plugged in (unlimited recording power)
  • Continuous recording for 24 hours
  • 8GB memory (288 hours of audio)
  • No buttons or blinking lights
  • Mac + Windows compatible

Types of Uses:

  • Document evidence of workplace harassment
  • Get evidence for legal purposes
  • Record college lectures
  • Record work meetings
  • Catch illicit activity
  • Catch nursing home abuse

Easy-to-Use Professional Recorder

The Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder is newly updated with an upgraded body style and 8GB of memory. This powerful professional-grade voice recorder is perfect for both the industry professional and first-time user. Easy-to-use features plus an extra long battery life makes for the perfect audio recorder for all of your needs.

Powerful, Feature-Packed USB Drive Recorder

Not only does the Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder covertly record audio without any blinking lights or buttons, but it also functions as a regular flash drive and can store files and documents. When you're ready to listen to your recordings, simply plug the Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder into a Mac or Windows computer to instantly view/listen to your recorded files.

Voice Activated or Continuous Recording Options

Simply flip the switch on the Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder to switch between voice activation mode and continuous recording modes, depending on your immediate needs. With voice activation mode, simply leave the Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder on and it will automatically record sound when it actually happens.

Incredible 25-Day Standby Battery

Using voice activation mode, the Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder has an incredible battery life of 25 days, making it one of the longest lasting voice recorders available today. Never worry about running out of power.

Buy the Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder with Voice Activation now.

DISCLAIMER: It is the user's responsibility to check and abide by their state's and country's laws regarding audio surveillance BEFORE purchasing this device. P.I. Spy Tools is not liable for any misuse of this device. Purchaser assumes all liability for this device.

  • Pro USB Drive Voice Recorder (1)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Audio Quality: 64kbps
  • Audio Format: MP3
  • Recording Modes: Continuous, Voice Activation
  • Time and Date Stamp: Yes (Windows Only)
  • Memory Size: Internal: 8GB
  • Recording Capacity: 36 hrs per 1GB
  • Battery Life (Record): 24hrs - Continuous 25 Days Standby
  • Weight / Dimensions: 1.1oz / 2.7" x .4" x .8"
  • Compatibility: MAC / Windows

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