iTrail GPS Tracker Logger
GPS Tracker Logger (Passive)

iTrail GPS Tracker Logger

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  • No Monthly Service Fee GPS Tracking
  • Smallest GPS Tracker Logger
  • Long Battery Life
  • Reliable Tracking of Vehicles, People + Assets
  • Records Start and Stop Locations, Directions, Travel Speed & more
  • GPS Mapping & Trip Analysis Software Included
  • Google Earth Compatible
  • Data Transfers to PC Instantly for Immediate Map Display of Driving History
  • Detailed Reports


The iTrail GPS Tracker Logger tracks anything anywhere.  With its small and portable design, you can easily place this GPS tracker in your car glove box or on your asset to always know where your vehicle or asset has been.  When you are ready to view where your GPS tracker has been, simply retrieve the device and plug into your computer for immediate map display of location history.


The iTrail GPS Tracker Logger is a passive GPS tracker meaning you have no monthly service fees associated with using this device.  Simply place the iTrail GPS Tracker Logger on your vehicle or asset.  Then when you are ready to view where your tracker has been, easily retrieve the tracker from your vehicle or asset, plug into your PC computer, and see instantly where your GPS tracker has been!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please install the iTrail driver first before you connect the iTrail GPS Logger to your PC computer.  Then you may install the iTrail software for your PC computer.