Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen
Wearable Spy Camera

Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen

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The Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen records at an amazing 2K resolution for ultra-clear video footage.  This is one of the most advanced, professional-grade spy camera pens on the market.  Always capture the video surveillance you need.


  • Records incredible 2K resolution video footage
  • Capture surveillance for private investigations
  • Fast + fluid motion recording at 60fps in 720P mode
  • Powerful bodyworn hidden camera for professionals
  • Concealed lens - no one will know it's recording video
  • No blinking light to give away the spy camera
  • Add time/date stamp or custom title - perfect for law enforcement or agency use
  • Record via built-in battery or while plugged in
  • Great for catching a cheating spouse
  • High-quality pen

Types of Uses:

  • Professional private investigations
  • Law enforcement + agency use
  • Legal evidence gathering
  • Capture surveillance footage
  • Catch a cheating spouse
  • Watch a babysitter
  • Secret shopping
  • Catch theft

Professional-Grade Spy Camera Pen

With an incredible 2K resolution, the Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen is one of the most advanced, professional-grade camera pens available today. Capturing clear video footage is one of the most important parts of professional private investigator surveillance and the Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen will not disappoint. This spy camera pen is always ready to go when you are.

Stealth Mode: Concealed Lens + No Blinking Light

With a completely concealed lens and no blinking light, the Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen is the perfect companion for your private investigations. This high-quality pen will secretly record video (or audio) footage without alerting anyone. 

Recording Modes: Motion Activation, Continuous, or Audio-Only

Depending on your needs, the Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen records in 3 separate modes. Motion activation mode only records when there is movement in front of the camera. Continuous mode records continuously. Audio-only mode is available for when you need to capture audio surveillance.

Record Via Built-In Battery or Plugged In

With the Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen, you have the option to record using the built-in internal battery or you can leave the spy camera pen plugged in for 24/7 surveillance. The Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen is perfect for on-the-go recording or for leaving behind to capture video footage while you're away.

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DISCLAIMER: It is the user's responsibility to check and abide by their state's and country's laws regarding audio and video surveillance BEFORE purchasing this device. P.I. Spy Tools is not liable for any misuse of this device. Purchaser assumes all liability for this device.

As a professional user, we understand the importance of having equipment that both works (as directed) and is easy-to-use.  With over 20 years of professional private investigator experience, our team of expert P.I.s carefully curated the best selection of Wearable Spy Cameras available online. 

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  • Video Resolution: 2K / 1080P / 720P
  • FPS | Lens Angle: 2K & 1080P @ 30fps / 720P @ 30 & 60fps | 60°
  • Video Format: MOV
  • Photo Resolution: 14 MP
  • Recording Modes: Continuous / Motion Activation / Photo / Audio
  • Recording Segment Lengths: 10 Minutes
  • Video Size (Storage):
    • 2K - 7 min per 1GB
    • 1080P - 8 min per 1GB
    • 720P @ 30fps - 11 min per 1GB
    • 720P @ 60fps - 11 min per 1GB
  • Memory Size / Type: Up to 64GB / Built-in Memory
  • Power Source: Battery / Record While Charging
  • Battery Life:
    • 2K - 60 mins
    • 1080P - 60 mins
    • 720P - 65 mins
  • Battery Size: 380mAh
  • Records Audio: Yes
  • Loop Recording: Yes
  • Time/Date Stamp: Yes
  • Data/Charging Port: USB
  • Weight | Dimensions: 1.7 oz | 6"
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac
  • Ultra 2K Spy Camera Pen (1)
  • USB Cable (1)
  • Ink Refill Cartridges (2)
  • Instruction Manual