Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera
Wearable Spy Camera

Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera

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  • Record Crisp 1080P Video
  • 135º Wide Angle Lens Recording
  • Free 8GB SD Card INCLUDED
  • Expandable Memory Storage
  • Time / Date Stamp
  • Time Lapse Recording
  • Weather & Impact Resistant Sunglass Frames


The Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera makes it easy to keep your hands free while recording surveillance footage.  Record crisp and clear 1080P video while you are out and about.  With a 135 degree wide angle video lens, you can capture a wide view shot.  These sunglasses are tightly constructed and well built with gaskets covering all ports.  These sunglasses are weather and impact resistant, making it perfect for outdoor recordings.


The Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera feature one-touch recording, making it super easy to capture video footage while you are out conducting surveillance.  Simply press the button to start recording and press the button again to stop your recording.  You even have the option to have an audio tone alert you when you start/stop recording (or you can turn the audio tone off for covert video recordings).


The Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera is made of high-quality materials and construction, making these the best sunglasses hidden spy camera on the market today.  These are not your average sunglasses hidden cameras. 


Private investigators love the Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera for capturing video surveillance out in the field.  With easy one-touch recording, these sunglasses are perfect for covert operations.  Private investigators need to capture the money shot for their clients and this hidden spy camera will ensure you get the money shot exactly when it happens.  Get crisp, clear video footage with the Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera.


  • Professional Private Investigations
  • Covert Video Surveillance
  • Infidelity Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement Official Investigations
  • Legal Surveillance
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Sport Sunglasses Spy Camera
  • FREE 8GB Card & Reader
  • USB Cable
  • Charging Adapter
  • Hard Case
  • Soft Pouch
  • Clear Lenses
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Instruction Manual
  • Video Resolution: 1080P / 720P
  • FPS / Lens Angle: 1080P @ 30fps, 720P @ 60fps / 135°
  • Video Format: MOV
  • Recording Modes: Continuous
  • Memory Size / Type: Up to 32GB / MicroSD
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life: 1.5 Hours
  • Battery Size: 550mAh
  • Records Audio: Optional
  • Loop Recording: Yes
  • Time / Date Stamp: Yes
  • Data / Charging Port: Mini USB
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac

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