LawMate Car FOB Remote Voice Recorder
Audio Surveillance

LawMate Car FOB Remote Voice Recorder

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  • High Quality Audio Surveillance
  • Settings for Voice Activation & Continuous Recording
  • Secret Audio Recorder Inside Car FOB Remote for Easy Blending Into Surroundings
  • Listen to Audio Recordings Directly From Device Using Headphones
  • Doubles as MP3 Player
  • 2GB of Built-In Memory Storage
  • Status LED Light for Easy Use
  • Long Battery Life
  • Store Up to 10 Hours of Audio
  • LawMate is the Official Manufacturer of Law Enforcement Equipment


Used by law enforcement, the LawMate Car FOB Remote Voice Recorder is a great choice when you need to conduct covert audio surveillance.  Easily blend this covert audio recorder into many surroundings and no one will ever know this Car FOB Remote contains a hidden microphone that is recording sound and voices.  Record on Continuous Mode or Voice Activated Mode for longer durations.  With a long lasting battery, the LawMate Car FOB Remote Voice Recorder is a great choice for covert audio recordings.  LawMate is the official manufacturer of law enforcement equipment.  


Covert audio recorders are great for private, stealthy surveillance.  The LawMate Car FOB Remote Voice Recorder features a built-in AGC MIC housed inside a Car FOB Remote for easy, covert audio recordings.  No one will ever realize that this Car FOB Remote is actually a covert audio recorder.  Used by law enforcement, professional private investigators, and other industry professionals, the LawMate Car FOB Remote Voice Recorder is the high-quality choice for covert audio surveillance.  


  • Professional Private Investigations
  • Monitoring Your Child's Babysitter / Nanny
  • Checking In On Your Petsitter
  • Keeping Your Children & Pets Safe
  • Keep Your Home / Office Safe
  • Infidelity Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement Official Investigations
  • Asset Protection