Hidden Camera DVR: Double USB Charger
Hidden Camera DVR

Hidden Camera DVR: Double USB Charger

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  • Never Worry about Battery Life
  • Records 1080p video @ 30 FPS
  • Record in Motion Detection or Continuous Modes
  • Timestamp Setting
  • Video Footage Stored on INCLUDED 8GB MicroSD Card
  • Supports Mac OS, Android, and Windows
  • Functioning Double USB 2.0 Charger (for most devices)
  • 1 Standard Charge USB Port
  • 1 Rapid Charge USB Port


Never worry about battery life again!  The Double USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera (DVR) plugs directly into any standard outlet so you have to worry again about whether or not your video surveillance was recorded because of the battery dying in the middle of recording footage.  You never have to worry about charging this hidden camera ever.  The Double USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera (DVR) is ready to go whenever you need covert video surveillance.  Simply plug the Double USB Charger Hidden Camera (DVR) into any standard electrical outlet and slide the switch right for Motion Detection Mode or left for Continuous Recording Mode.  Easy to use and blends in with all house and office backgrounds. 


Secure your home or office while you aren’t around.  Check up on your children and / or babysitter to ensure that your kids are in safe hands when you’re away.  Make sure your petsitter is doing what they are paid to be doing with your beloved pets.  This fully functional USB wall charger will not only charge your devices but also secretly capture video footage via secret camera.  Easily plug this Hidden Camera into any standard outlet in your home or office.  No one will ever know.


The Double USB Charger Hidden Camera (DVR) is a new favorite spy tool of Private Investigators and Law Enforcement Professionals.  If you are needing video surveillance of what goes on at your home or office when you aren’t around, our Hidden Cameras are your solution.  Video proof is undeniable evidence.  Secure your home or office, even when you aren’t there.  You may be out of sight but with our hidden spy cameras, you can easily find out what’s happening when you leave your home or office. 


  • Hidden Camera DVR: Double USB Charger
  • 8GB MicroSD Card
  • USB 2.0 male to male cable
  • Instruction Manual

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: User is responsible for checking and abiding by their individual state’s (and/or country’s) laws and regulations re: use of this device.  Please check your individual state’s laws prior to using.  User assumes all liability for their purchased device and use of their device.