Android Recovery Stick Phone Software
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Android Recovery Stick Phone Software

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  • Retrieve Deleted Text Messages, Photos, Contacts & more
  • Recover Deleted Data from Apps like Facebook, Chrome, TextFree & more
  • Recover Data Directly from Android Phone
  • See What's Been Happening on Your Device in Easy to Read Format
  • Professional Forensic Technology


The Android Recovery Stick Phone Software uses professional forensic technology to recover data that has been deleted from your Android device.  Get deleted Text Messages, Photos, Contacts and more in an easy to read format so you can find out what's been happening on your device!  The Android Recovery Stick Phone Software recovers the deleted information directly from the phone (using phone's USB charging cable connected to your computer).  If you need to recover deleted info from your phone, this easy to use phone software is your solution.


The Android Recovery Stick Phone Software utilizes professional forensic technology to retrieve and download the phone's data, displaying it in an easy to read format so you can find out exactly what's been happening on your iPhone.  The Android Recovery Stick Phone Software can retrieve user data like Text Messages, Recently Deleted Photos, and Internet Data.  The software can also recover deleted data from apps such as Facebook, Chrome, TextFree and more.

  • Android Recovery Stick Phone Software


  • Compatible with: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista


  • All Android Versions: 1.x - 8.1*
  • *For Android Versions 5.0 - 8.1, device must be rooted

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